2015 CEE Pension Investment Forum - Bucharest 5 June 2015
organised by the World Pensions Council & Bucharest Stock Exchange

Cent. & East. European Pension Investment Forum – Bucharest, Friday 5 June 2015

Chancellor Bismarck is said to have pioneered the notions of retirement and social security schemes to ensure the welfare of soldiers and civil servants in Prussia and Pomerania: the first modern pension funds were thus established in what is today Poland and Northeastern  Germany.

A quarter-century after the end of the Cold War, Central and Eastern Europe has become one of the most dynamic pension investment regions in the Northern Hemisphere, with a wide array of rapidly growing public and private pension plans from Vienna to Vladivostok.

The coming of age of the region’s pension schemes unfolds against a backdrop of longer life expectancy, ageing
populations, challenging financial markets* equity*, bondsand non-listed assets* and evolving national and EU-wide
macroeconomic and regulatory constraints*

Join us at the 2015 Central & Eastern European Pension Investment Forum
organized by the WPC and the Bucharest Stock Exchange to discuss these important questions* that will shape future of the pension industry in key jurisdictions such as Austria, the Baltics, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia, Ukraine and Turkey.

For more information about the event and conditions of attendance, please follow the instructions on the event programme- incl. contact & registration information

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